497 runs in t20 match, world record

If we look into the details of all the records made in the T20 cricket format, this one is the biggest one. 497 runs were made in a T20 game in New Zealand. This game had some known players in it as well. Mahela Jayawardene and Brendon Taylor are the two names.

These two players hit the ball hard and most of these runs came from their bats. First it was Mahela who hit some lovely shots. The former Sri Lankan captain and one of their best batsmen in the history was there with the hitting his shots.

Jayawardene started with a huge six. This was a length ball pitched up to him and Jayawardene stroked it perfectly straight over the head of the bowler. There was no better place to his this shot. It was in his zone and Jayawardene was in full command.

Then the bowler went for a short ball and this time Jayawardene pulled this one from the middle of the bat and launched the ball over the leg side. This was another huge hit and went for a six. Jayawardene did all his best here. He hit the ball in the right area. He knew where he would go with his shots.

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