Pump-up your beauty with few morning habits that going to boost the benefit of your everyday beauty. How you start your day is definitely going to show on your face!

  1. Anti-oxcidence Serum


Anti-Oxcidence such as vitamin C and E protect the skin from dehydration and also from those aging free radicals from UV rays pollution and bad dietary habits. Use the serum right after to your cleanser, apply wait few minutes and then out on moisturizer. Anti-oxcidence serum just doubled the facts of your moisturizer and your sun block because the added nutrients strengthen the skin.


  1. Eat Proteins


A breakfast high in proteins with eggs, nuts, and yogurt builds collagen. Collagen is the protein in skin that protects it from wrinkling and your skin from sagging. Protein also prevents hair loss and are the building blocks for shinier stronger hair.


  1. Use SPF


SPF is a must, you have to use it every day even on a cloudy day and using it just in your moisturizer and your makeup is not enough. Take a coin size amount and apply it your face and your neck and then add your moisturizer and makeup with SPF to add protection. Don’t forget to use it on your eyes, your lips, your neck and the back of your hands because these can also show signs of aging.


  1. Hydrate inside out


Dehydration not only makes you feel terrible but it makes your skin look dull and lifeless. After a good night sleep you need to eat plenty amount of fluids. What we suggest is to take a warm glass of water, squeeze some fresh lemon juice which adds the vitamin C and maintains collagen production. This also adds the glow back to your skin.


  1. Move Your Body


Exercising in the morning pumps up your Adrenalin, gives you more energy, oxygenates your cells and add radiance to your skin. Studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning sleep much better at the night and after a good night sleep it really shows on your face.


So try and working a workout in your am schedule.


About the author - Saliha Naveed

I believe we all have a creative gift worth sharing with the world.