Abdul Razzaq Blammed Waqar younis

Abdul Razzaq blamed Waqar Younis over bad performance of national cricket team

Abdul-Razzaq blamed waqar younis

Pakistani cricket gamer Abdul Razzaq has held responsible the national team’s head coach Waqar Younis for resulting in lot of harm to Pakistan cricket.

Razzaq said in interviews that Waqar, instead of accusing others and providing justifications for his problems, should recognize he himself is accountable for Pakistan team’s pitfall.

“It is no key and I am observe to this that Waqar never desired or well-known mature gamers and was never able to deal with all gamers similarly and pretty which led to disharmony in the group,” Razzaq said. “He himself is accountable for resulting in uncertainty among gamers and not being capable of providing them enough assurance to are very effective for the nation,” he included.

Razzaq, 36, who performed 46 Assessments, 265 ODIs and 32 T20 internationals before his last overall look for Pakistan in 2014, said Waqar’s preferences unsettled the group. The mature gamer was also crucial about some former gamers and belittled your choice by the PCB to designate Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan as consultants.

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“Tell me if nowadays Pakistan is at the end in restricted over cricket who is accountable. Obviously the very those who have been enjoying for the last six-seven decades. So what guidance will they share with the panel,” he inquired.

Razzaq also stated that some former gamers were also accountable with the panel for inadequate individuals place of Pakistan cricket. “They are some gamers who are only fascinated in excellent tasks and roles. How many want to operate at the lawn main stage and really do something effective for Pakistan cricket,” he said.

Razzaq however supported your choice to designate Inzamam-ul-Haq as the key selector.

“I have performed with him and under his captaincy and if he follows the same concepts he followed as a leader than he will be do something excellent for Pakistan cricket,” Razzaq said.

“Inzamam never performed gamers on foundation of their research, he always performed those gamers whom he considered could provide for Pakistan and he always was standing by their choice and battled for them,” he said.

Razzaq said the greatest issue with Pakistan cricket recently had been the lack of ability of selectors and group control to determine which gamers were perfect for which structure.

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“We don’t even know who is excellent for which structure and we keep on fiddling with the groups at all times and we predicted great outcomes. Look at our activities our positions have been going down since the last few decades,” he included.

Razzaq declared his objective revisit Pakistan and perform in next household year to once again try to execute and make an impression on the selectors.

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