Abdul Razzaq gets fastest fifty in T20 VS Karachi Blues

Abdul Razzaq was one of those Pakistani players who has some good record to his name. In the international cricket as well as domestic with both bat and ball Razzaq has some good memories and he is still known as the best all-rounder in the last decade.

Razzaq was one of the best in the business. Against good bowlers he scored runs and made a name for himself. Here is one of his best innings in domestic T20. Razzaq hit a brisk fifty to his name and that too against a bowling lien up which had names like Shahid Afridi, Mohammad Sami, Sohail Khan and many others.

This was a fantastic piece of innings from the Pakistani batter. His first hit came on the leg side and it was a six. The ball was in his arc and he went picked it over the leg side. The ball went right into the crowd. This was the start from the Lahore Lions all-rounder.

Then Shahid Afridi came to the batting and he hit him for a six as well. This was a short and fast ball and Razzaq managed it perfectly. Then Sami came to bowl and he too was perished into the stands. Razzaq was in best of his batting form on that night.

Video Link:http://newsrepublica.com/abdul-razzaq

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