Abdul Razzaq hitting boundaries against England

Razzaq was a massive hitter of the cricket ball and when it was his day even the best of the bowling looked average against him. He gave Pakistan some huge innings and this is one of them in which he belted the England bowlers in an ODI game in England.

Razzaq started with a huge six on the leg side. A perfect ball for him. He used to hit these ball even with his eyes closed. The ball was short and coming towards his body. Razzaq just held back and gave the ball a full swing. The bat sound alerted everyone that a massive hit was on its way.

Next up a length ball and for a batter who was excellent in the V area this one was another offering and nothing much. This time as expected Razzaq launched the ball straight over the head of the umpire and the bowler and got his second six.

The next hit was a four down the leg side. Another shot ball and Razzaq picked it over the leg side. The ball bounced once before going over the ropes. Next shot was another monster hit. A full toss and Razzaq just clubbed it over long on for a massive six.

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