Abdul Razzaq slams fast fifty against Karachi Blues

There is no doubt that Abdul Razzaq was one of the greatest hitters of the cricket ball in the lower middle order for Pakistan. Razzaq was a success because he used to hit the ball straight and we know that it is one of the safest side to hit the ball.

Here we see Razzaq hitting 50 runs of 22 balls in one of the T20 games in Pakistan. He was playing for the Lahore Lions and his opposition was Karachi blues. Karachi had names like Shahid Afridi, Mohammad Sami and many others.

It was a good decent bowling attack which Razzaq thrashed with the bat. He hit his first six on the leg side. The ball was short and Razzaq just went back and pull this one over the fence. This was his first boundary and after this many other came.

Shahid Afridi came to bowl against Razzaq and he too perished on the leg side. Afridi tried to hit a faster one which was picked up by Razzaq. Another mega hit. The biggest six from Razzaq came again the pace of Mohammad Sami. It was a low full toss and Razzaq showed the ball the full face of his blade and this went a long way for a six over the sight screen.

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