Abdul Razzaq smashing England bowlers

Abdul Razzaq has played a lot of memorable innings and this one against the England side is one of them. Razzaq played a blinder hitting 47 runs in just a few number of balls. He started hitting sixes the moment he arrived at the crease.

The first six was against Sajid. It was a short ball and Razzaq pulled it into the stands on the leg side. The ball had pace behind it but Razzaq was really good in executing shots like these against some good balls. The ball went into the crowd.

The next one was against another fast bowler. This time it was a length ball and Razzaq was expecting it as well. He hit this one straight and got the second maximum of his innings. The bowler was in pressure and he hit a length ball and got the punishment.

Next up another short ball and this time Razzaq hit it over the cow corner. Another boundary but this time in the form for a four. Razzaq was taking the charge against the English bowler. He was hitting them to all parts of the park and in no time Razzaq helped Pakistan get to a very good total. He was really good that day.

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