Afridi brilliant gesture in cricket

He was hit on the shoulder. He was down and under a lot of pain but this man who is known in the world of cricket as Shahid Afridi did not do much of a fuss creation. He stood up after consulting the physio and had a handshake with the bowler Oram.

This is Afridi for you. He was batting in New Zealand when Oran tried to hit a Yorker and the ball slipped out of his hands.

It went as a beamer and hit Afridi on his right shoulder. The blow was so painful that Afridi lost his bat and held his shoulder. His face was showing all the emotions tat he was in a lot of pain.

The physio came running in ad gave Afridi the painkiller and other medication. After Afridi get rid of the pain. He stood up and gave a thumbs up to his teammates and the bowler. Oram and Afridi had handshakes as well.

Afridi’s gesture was praised by the crowd as they all clapped for him. the commentators too gave a lot of credit to Afridi for not making any issue with the bowler and showed sportsmanship. Afridi is one true cricket lover and a wonderful human being.

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