Afridi gets a lot of applause

Shahid Afridi is one of the most famous and loved cricketers in the world and the reasons his sportsmanship inside the field. He never is seen making any problems with players from his team or the opponent.

Here is the best example of his character. Afridi was batting and hitting some lovely shots in New Zealand. Oram went out to bowl a Yorker at him but that did not come right and the ball hit Afridi on his shoulder.It was a beamer and the leg umpire called it a no-ball. Now Afridi was on the ground and in severe pain. The medical team came out and helped him.

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After a few moments, Afridi started feeling relax. The pain was going and he then stood up and had a handshake with the bowler. Afridi also waved to his dugout that he was fine.

His handshake with Oram and a pad on the back was seen by the crowd and they all clapped for him. the commentators also praised Afridi and his sportsmanship. Afridi always loves the game and the players. He hardly had any issues with any of the players. This is the reason that cricket fans loves him a lot and respects him as well. He is a true champion.

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