Amazing hitting by Imran, Ahmad, and Shoaib

This amazing innings from Imran Nazir, Ahmad Shahzad, and Shoaib Malik came in the last Hong Kong sixes event. After that, the tournament was never played again due to come reasons which are not known about.

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It was the semi final and Pakistan needed to win this game to make its way into the final. Imran Nazir and Ahmad Shahzad opened the innings for Pakistan and straight away the two went on a rampage against the bowling.

Imran Nazir, as usual, started it first. He slammed a straight six followed some big ones on the leg side. Imran was in no mood to stop himself from going after the bowlers. He was taking the charge and there was no one stopping him.

The same was the case with Ahmad Shahzad. He was right behind Imran and all those selected numbers of balls he faced he slammed them out of the park. Imran was hitting sixes from one end while Ahmad was doing the same thing from the other end.

The two were then followed by captain Shoaib Malik. He too did not waste much time and balls and straight away went after the bowlers. The ball was just going out of the park all the time. these three players gave Pakistan a very strong total and won the game.

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