Brooklyn man in ocean at Long Beach

Brooklyn man dead after being pulled from ocean in Long Beach

A man was dead Monday, after he and another man were pulled from the water off of Long Beach, Long Island.

The men had been swimming in the ocean without a lifeguard on duty, when an emergency call came in at 6:26 p.m.

As CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, cell phone video captured the desperate moments when the men were pulled from the water.

Lifeguards and first responders performed CPR on one man while the other was rushed to the hospital.

“I never witnessed something like this before, and I don’t ever want to witness it again,” Maylan Studard said.

Police said one of the men was OK, but the other, a 26-year-old from Brooklyn died. Witnesses said the swimmers were in the water after lifeguards had gone home for the day.

Brooklyn man dead after being pulled from ocean in Long Beach

The beach — among many — was under advisory from the National Weather Service for strong rip currents.

“When I was in the water earlier today, our lifeguards said come out of the water and I’m a great swimmer, but I was like okay we gotta get outta the water,” one swimmer said.

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Police were investigating Monday night, and said it was unclear if rip currents were to blame, but other beaches were taking precautions heading into the unofficial last weekend of the summer.

“You’ll start walking and all of a sudden it’s difficult to walk. That’s where people make mistakes, having trouble walking and take their feet off the bottom and start to swim. Unless you’re an excellent swimmer you’re not going to swim against that current,” Asbury Park Beach Safety Supervisor Joe Bongiovanni said.

Officials have cautioned that there is a high rip current risk through the rest of the week. Lifeguards advised swimmers to stay in shallow water, no deeper than chest high.

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