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Caution! This duplicate Kickass Torrent website can hack your credit card details

Torrent customers are quite disappointed after US regulators shut down one of the most famous torrent web page KickassTorrents and caught its owner Artem Vaulin from Belgium.

Just several weeks later another major torrent online search engine surprisingly went off-line leaving customers to look for reflection websites to meet up with their torrent needs.

As if this not so good information wasn’t enough, customers are now hit with the information of incorrect showcases that are trying to grab their bank cards information.

The most favored reflection for KickassTorrent, KAT.AM, appeared right after the unique web page was shut down. However, the reflection was pulled within Two several weeks of its release on a issue from Motion Picture Association.


duplicate fake kickass-torrents


It seems that the web page is now online again and this time it’s probably in the arms of fraudsters who want to grab users’ bank cards information.

The web page looks exactly like the unique domain but once customers try to download a torrent, websites shows a message asking them to sign up for a merchant account. It then continues to redirect customers to another web page where it demands customers to enter their bank cards information.

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Unlike the unique web page, the reflection does not use two-factor verification, which reliable websites use as a hurdle to possible coughing.

Experts suggest that KAT.AM probably dropped into the arms of fraudsters after it was revoked by MPA who are now trying to cash in on the site’s unique reliability.

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