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Ch. Nisar Ordered NADRA to re-verify CNICs throughout the nation

Ch. Nisar Ordered NADRA to re-verify CNIC’s throughout the nation

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Wednesday provided a 48-hour due date to National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for planning a road-map to produce a country-wide CNIC re-verification strategy of the whole inhabitants.

The Nationwide Strategy for Re-verification of CNICs has been requested by the medial side minister after concerns were brought up over a Pakistani ticket and CNIC discovered from drone-hit car remains website in Baluchistan, stated to be records organized by the slain Taliban primary Mullah Mansoor.

According to an argument, the minister was chairing a session at NADRA head office, also joined by the chair NADRA, home common Migrants and Us passports and authorities of FIA.

“NADRA has Two days for posting a jobs plan with a set due date for start of Nationwide Strategy for Re-verification of CNICs across Pakistan,” the declaration estimated Chaudhry Nisar as having said.

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After the appearance of the CNIC of Mullah Mansoor under bogus identification of Wali Muhammad, the concept has gone around the globe that anyone can get Pakistani CNIC, Nisar said.

“Let’s not deliver a concept around the globe that Pakistani ID is quickly available to anyone who is willing to pay for it. Being accused, condition we will make sure the use of CNIC by any unfamiliar is very removed after this exercise,” he said.

This evaluate, the handout said, would help make sure in upcoming no ‘alien’ will be able to use Pakistani CNIC and ticket.

Source: Express Tribune 

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