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Confession of Dr Asim against Owais Muzzafar attained forcefully – Attorney

The attorney of former oil reverend Dr Asim stated that his client was compelled to make confessional declaration against Owais Muzaffar alian Tappi.

“Dr Asim’s confessional declaration against Owais Muzaffar alias Tappi, broadcasted on tv yesterday, was acquired by force.

In a media meeting at his workplace, lawyer Anwar Mansoor Khan said that Dr Asim does not even keep in mind providing the declaration and it seems that the declaration was taken under stress.

dr asim

He included that it is looking quite old and was probably made at the time when the former reverend was in Ranger legal care.

In it declaration broadcasted on regional tv channels on Wed, thrown stunning accusations at former primary executive Asif Ali Zardari’s promote sibling Owais Muzaffar alias Tappi.

Dr Hussain had said that former Sindh reverend Owais Muzaffar was the ‘working’ primary reverend of Sindh during the second phrase of the Pakistan People’s Celebration and associated with doing all kinds of crime.

“Once a physician informed me that a Rs600 vaccine was purchased for Rs1,000 but it was later purchased from a market in Multan.

When I examined the case I found the accusations to be real.

I hated this to Asif Zardari and requested him to quit Owais Muzaffar from having fun with people’s lifestyles.

After which Owais thrown risks at me,” Dr Hussain said in his declaration.

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Two more crimes indicated towards Dr Asim while legal investigations

Dr Hussain, a close assistance of former primary executive Zardari, was caught by Sindh Ranger from any workplace of the Greater Knowledge Percentage in Clifton on Aug 26 last year.

A combined research group is analyzing Dr Hussain’s claimed crime and his part in fear funding.

The Nationwide Responsibility Institution is also analyzing three new crime situations against Dr Hussain.

The situations consist of unlawful association of healthcare universities with the Pakistan Medical and Oral Authorities, issuance of permits for a multitude of compacted natural gas channels and other damaged methods.

Source: Pakistan Today

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