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Destructive shooting at Pulse Night Gay Club marked 50 dead

The most harmful huge shooting in modern United States history stated has taken the life of 50 people after a gunman assaulted a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

Omer Mateen of Slot St. Luice, Florida taken his way into Pulse Night Club at 2 a.m. Sunday morning hours with an assaut riftle, Orlando police personnel revealed on Sunday. Mateen allegedly took hostages of several customers concealing in a bathing room.

shooting gay night club

A SWAT unit joined the team at 6 a.m. and murdered Mateen in what was described by law administration as a continual gun fight.

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Mateen used an “AR-15-style strike tool,” Holiday Police Primary David Ying power said. The AR-15 has been the trademark tool of huge photographers in The united states, used by Adam Lanza to destroy 26 at Exotic Connect and the San Bernardino terrorists to destroy 14.

The strike is being examined as an act of household terrorism, but Mateen has no known relationship to structured fear, Islamic or otherwise.

Source: BBC News

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