Dhoni caught by media for keeping team stagnant

Dhoni caught by media for keeping team stagnant

For not making changes in the national squad, captain for T20 cricket team Mehindra Singh Dhoni caught by Indian media.

According to the reports, captain Dhoni has caught in anger of Indian media and Indian public for keep Indian national cricket team stagnant. Indian media highly criticized Dhoni for playing with same 11 players in T20 home series against Sri Lanka.

Media reports reveal that Dhoni is being criticized for not giving the chance to experienced off-spinner Harbhajan Singh and playing again with the same squad. While cricket fans in India also missing changes in the team that should take place.

At this time, friend and companion of Dhoni Suresh Raina spoke in favour of Dhoni.
According to middle order batsman Suresh Raina, every team need some special momentum and playing pace before any event, this is the reason that most teams give chances players to play maximum to set their pace.

We have played with the same squad against Sri Lanka and that took us achieving good results in series, raina included.

Batsman Raina further concluded that playing with same 11 players is indeed a good idea and team will remain as it is and avoid experiments in Asia cup 2016.

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