DIY Delicate Rings easy to make

In this article you will find easy methods to make your own DIY ring, on the Hun I think in the end they were probably about $10 which I think is quiet an expensive just for a ring. You can just pick up the things that I am using.


Let’s get started, you just need a gold or silver wire, you’ll also need gold or silver chain depending upon what color of your wire is and some plyers and cutters as well.

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Now cut the wire in one piece a random piece and then use a babyliss or any cylindrical shaped object to mold the shape of a wire, so that it could fit perfectly around your finger.  As we wanted this for the middy ring so just adjust it there and tightened it to fit there.

a6           a7           a8
Next, cut another piece of wire, again wrap it on the babyliss, this wire is for the lower section of your finger. Now go for a chain, put the rings on your finger to measure and put the chain in between of your rings to check what size it would be. Cut the chain off which is needed. Then you have to take one of the loops of the chain and press it with the ring, and you also have to connect this with onto the other ring.

a9           a10

Simply cut the extra wire off from the cutter and yes you are perfectly done with your rings, just put it in your place and its done.


About the author - Saliha Naveed

I believe we all have a creative gift worth sharing with the world.