DIY Natural Acrylic Nails Easy At Home

How to do your own Acrylic nails at home?

Well, I know how hard it could be to car acrylic nails done all the time and especially because they are expensive and they are really easily to do at home.  ixp624

Let’s begin!

Now keep in mind I’m not a cosmetologist, this is just my personal way of doing it. First of all, you are going to start out with clean nails of course and remove some of your cuticles and push them back if necessary.

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Next, what you’re going to do is take a buffing block and just eliminate the natural shine of your nails.


Next for your tips, you’re doing to get some any color tips that you’d liked here French tip are been used. Just pick out the one’s that match your nails and fit in your nails.

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Once you found your perfect fit for your nails, you just going to take some nail glue this is the kiss nail glue which is amazing. Just glue on to all your tips and you don’t need a lot of glue but you do want to work fast with this because nail glue does dry very quickly.

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Once you have all of your tips on all of your nails, make sure they are all glue down very well.


Then you’re going to take a clipper, you can easily get all of these products from beauty supplies.


Now take a clipper and go ahead to clip off whatever link that you want just clip off the excess. Not so super long but with a little linked.


Make sure you tried to get them all even, so that there’s less filing that you will have to do. Next you have to do just file the edges and eliminate the sharp edges of your nails and just file them to the shape you want. Buff your nails down again, this is just going to help the longer process of your nails.

ewgTake any nail dehydrator as this will just going to help to remove the extra oils on your nails so that acrylic is more stick to your nails even better.

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Then to make sure that our acrylic last for longer, take an acid free primer and apply this to your nails as well.


Here are two acrylic liquids you can use anyone of them.


You will also need an acrylic powder, choose anyone you like weather intense pink color or a clear color it really doesn’t matter what color you use.


Take a glass jar to put your acrylic liquid and also a synthetic brush.  So, when you have everything all set up you just need a paper towel side to clean off your brush.


Dip your nail brush in and sweep off the excess liquid, dip your brush into the acrylic powder and create a little bead and just work in small sections.

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Press down your little bead and gently smooth in and out try to be a little neat with this. Just pat it down and make sure it’s all nice and smooth and even. Continue with the same thing on each nail.

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Once you have done all your nails, just let them set and dry for about 2-5 minutes. When your nails are completed take your buffing block and buff any excess nail or roughness and make them really nice and smooth. Then any filing you think you need this is not completely necessary but if you have any edges clean it up.


You have to finish off with nice hardening top coat, this will help to give you really nice shine and pretty finish to your nails.

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After you have applied this tip coat on all of your nails you can go on with cuticle bam, apply it on your cuticle area this will help you to keep your nails nice and soft and growing healthy.


If you have done that you got nice acrylic nails 🙂



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