Dubai crowds reaction on Amir wife

Mohammad Amir has newly wedded his fiancé Narjis a few days ago. Soon after the wedding, the two flew to Dubai. Amir joined the Pakistan team for the West Indies series. Narjis was spotted sitting in the stands in the first T20.

Mohammad Amir was not playing but still his wife was there sitting in the stadium. She was there to support Pakistan team. Narjis was shown on the big screen as well. Now a lot of people know who she is so the crowd made a huge noise when she was seen on the big screen.

Pakistan has so far won the first two T20 games. With that, they have won the series as well. This is a major moment for Pakistan side. They did really well in the matches. Amir did not play both the games. He was given a rest. Pakistan played really well in all three departments of the game.

In the batting, bowling, and fielding they were far better than the visitors. Pakistan had Imad Wasim as their leading bowler. He has taken a good number of wickets and he is really helping Pakistan with his bowling. Pakistan will not play the final T20 on 27th. The hosts will try to win this one as well.

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