How to embrace elegant green eye makeup

Today you will Embrace Green Eye Makeup as any models perfect term. Fashion grows every year and it changes too.

Actually it is a wonderful mystery which we can’t solve. So just enjoy and live sharp with awesome tips and tricks.

Some girls concentrate on their eyes and want to make them attractive. If you want to get flawless and polished look than blend all your eye makeup perfectly. Some mistakes are very common which mostly women done in this field.


These mistakes look terrible and messy. Here I will provide you important but simple tips that can easily be done at home. First of all try to choose those shades which matches with your dress. Then select the soft brushes and of good quality. Read these makeup tips carefully and try it by yourself.

Start your beautiful eye makeup by washing your face with good sap or face wash and pat dry. Then apply a concealer on lids perfectly.


Take shadow kit and separate all the dark and light shades of green. Take a fine brush and apply shiny light green shade on lid.

Blend it completely in order to give them an attractive look. Then take golden shadow and apply it as shown in the picture.


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Apply dark green color just on the corners. After doing that step take highlighter of silver or white and apply it. Blend them perfectly with the help of your finger. Without a liner eye makeup looks incomplete and uncomfortable.

You can also search Best 7 Eyeliner Styles And Tips for Girls. Choose one style of your choice and apply it. Girls want to make their lashes long, for this purpose use mascara. Now this hot and gorgeous look is complete.

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