Chris Mortensen after cancer

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen beaten cancer sucessfully

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has revealed he is ‘virtually cancer free’, eight months after he started treatment.

The senior NFL analyst said the stage four throat cancer he was diagnosed with in January ‘has been virtually reduced to zero’.

‘I do have scheduled exams and scans during the next three months to monitor my status but my oncologists have directed me to recover and rehab from the treatments that have resulted in lengthy hospitalization, significant weight loss, strength, endurance and related health issues,’ he said.

Chris Mortensen after cancer

‘I am following instructions to overcome these challenges.’

It is not known when Mortensen will come back to work. However he has said he wants to be on air for some of the 2016-17 season.

Seth Markman, ESPN’s senior coordinating producer said: ‘It has been a long and difficult road for Mort since he was diagnosed, so hearing his positive news is very encouraging.

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