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Everyday things that may cause bad for you skin


Makeup applicators, like your brushes and sponges, can trap dead skin cells, oil and dust if they aren’t cleaned for a period of time. You know what to do — give your applicators a cleanse every now and then to get rid of these acne-inducing elements.

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Some of us have a habit of touching our face with our hands. Just this simple act can introduce dust, oil and bacteria to skin. In addition to that, our hair care products may also gain access to our face or hairline, ultimately blocking pores.

touching face cause skin irritation

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Your phone snuggles up with your hair and skin all day, so it’s not a surprise that there could be a bacteria buildup that can likely cause blemishes — and even wrinkles and fines! Remember to keep your phone screen cleaned regularly.

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Can’t wait to sink your face into your comfy pillows at the end of the day? Wait a minute — sleeping on the same pillowcase may cause outbreaks. Your pillowcase gets sweat and dust from your hands, hair and nighttime beauty products, which can not only block your pores but also, give you bumpy skin. Make sure you throw your pillowcase in the laundry every couple of days.

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