Fawad amazing hitting in National T20 2016

Meet Fawad Khan who is a right-handed batsman from the FATA team. Fawad is an excellent hitter f the cricket ball. Today in the game against Rawalpindi he slammed 94 runs and reminded people of the great Shahid Afridi.

Fawad hit a series of sixes and fours. Against the pace attack of Rawalpindi, he started his innings. he targeted Aizaz Cheema first. He hit 3 fours and six to Cheema. The first three hits were drives through the off side.

All his shots were in the gap. He was fluent in his hits. he middle the ball perfectly. Cheema then tried a short ball but by that time Fawad was opened up completely. He smacked this one of the leg sides and get to his first six.

Then against the spinners, he bagged a lot of runs. He smashed a few straight hits. one of those shots did not come off the middle of his bat and there was a chance for the fielder but it was not that easy. The ball was high in the air and the fielder was too close to the boundary line. The jump was there but the ball hit the hands of the fielder and went on the other side of the fence.

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