google working on new operating system

Google is working on totally new OS – Tech Rumors

Rumors confirmed that Google is operating on a new OS. And no, it’s not an upgrade to Android operating program or the Firefox OS. In reality, the new program is not even in accordance with the Linux program kernel.

The shift is amazing because each and every OS designed by Search engines uses the Linux program Kernel. It has operated Search engines components for years.

The new OS is supposedly being known as Fuchsia. Although Search engines hasn’t formally declared anything regarding the OS, it launched its information on Github.

Presenting Fuchsia

The supposedly new Fuchsia OS operates on the Green kernel which is in accordance with the LittleKernel venture on Github. Green is being designed as a opponent to professional included OSes such as ThreadX. The Green kernel is made to run on included gadgets, mobile phones and personal computer systems.

google to launch new os

The interface of the new OS is the new Flutter UI and the growth terminology that is used for the OS is Dart.

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The renderer that is being is known as Escher, which facilitates mild diffusion, smooth dark areas, and other visible results. Soft dark areas and mild diffusion is also a main issue with Content Style so it is possible that both Flutter and Escher are also designed with Content Style UI under consideration.

Fuchsia is being designed with assistance for both 32-bit and 64-bit ARM CPUs and also 64-bit PCs.

Why Is a New OS Being Developed?

Right now, no certain solutions are available as to why Google is making a new OS. The most apparent think would be that Search engines programs on changing either Firefox OS or Android operating program, or even both, with Fuchsia.

Maybe Fuchsia is being designed to serve the intelligent house components by Search engines such as the OnHub wireless router and Search engines Home or Chromecast.

It could also be so that Google is just using Fuchsia for testing. No programs for further growth and launch have been set for now. Only time will tell what Search engines has in shop for us.



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