Human brain intelligence has deep connection with blood – Medical study

A human brain is the most strange body part that never stops to surprise world. There are many things we don’t know about it as well as its role in the progress of individual intellect.

Until now, it was widely thought individual intellect progressed due to brain dimension, but the latest research made a significant discovery which points to something else – it could be down to blood vessels circulation to the brain. Are you intrigued? Search down to figure out more.

What did Study Find?

The research was conducted by Mark S. Seymour and Vanya Bosiocic of the School of Adelaide from Australia and Edward P. Snelling of the School of Witwatersrand from America. Using the dimensions of two holes at the base of the head that allow bloodstream to reach the human brain, the group of scientists measured how blood vessels is flowing to this body changed over time in individual ancestors.

Findings of the research, published in the Royal Society Publication Open Science, showed that brain progressed to become bigger and more energetically costly and bloodthirsty than it was previously considered. Actually, the dimensions of the brain has improved by more than 350% throughout a persons progress, but even more, incredible is blood vessels circulation to the brain has enhanced by 600%.


The extraordinary surge in blood vessels circulation to the human brain throughout individual progress is strongly linked with a rise of synapses per neuron or a greater synaptic action. This assisted enhanced information processing and communication routes.

What does this mean?

These results led they to determine that the progress of individual intellect, our ability to think and learn is, primarily, controlled by the brain’s need to satisfy progressively dynamic connections between nerve cells. For example, the brain has to be consistently fed with oxygen and nutrients from the blood vessels to be intelligent and healthy.

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For the purpose of the research, scientists used ancient non-renewable skulls from America. These skulls clearly demonstrate how the dimensions of bloodstream linking to the human brain improved from three-million-year-old Australopithecus to modern people.

Based on their findings, scientists also explain that the higher metabolic action of the brain is, the more blood vessels it will require. In turn, bloodstream linking to the human brain becomes bigger to allow more blood vessels to pass.


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