Imran Nazir 5 balls 5 sixes

Imran Nazir was the man of the match from the famous semi final of the first world t20 semi final between Pakistan and New Zealand. He was brilliant with the bat and as a result, he leads Pakistan to a comfortable win.

Imran hit 5 sixes in that innings. his first two were against left arm spinner Daniel Vettori. Imran Used his feet on the first one went to the pitch of the ball and hammered it over long on for a huge six.

This was followed by another massive hit over long off. This time, again Imran used his feet perfectly to reach the ball the moment it hit the pitch.

The next two were against Styris. Imran hit the first one straight. It was a slow ball from Styris which went in as a full toss to Imran. this shot did not come from the middle of the bat but yet the power behind it took it all the way for a six.

The next one came from the middle it went big over the straight boundary. The last shot was a big top edge from Imran which took the ball straight over the head f the wicketkeeper for another six.

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