Imran Nazir and Ahmad Shahzad amazing hitting

There is no doubt that Imran Nazir ruled the Hong Kong super sixes tournament. He is one of those Pakistani players who played that event a lot of times. He was known as the king of sixes. He still is having a lot of fan club.  Imran Nazir here is seen batting with the likes of Ahmad Shahzad and Shoaib Malik. The trio gives Pakistan 80 runs in just 3 overs. It was looking as if there is tennis ball cricket being played instead of the hardball.

You see a lot of sixes in that form of cricket. But here Imran Nazir and Ahmad Shahzad made sure that they hit everything out of the park. Imran Nazir was the starter as usual. He heaved a series of sixes. Most of them landed on the ground.

We all know how powerful Imran Nazir is with his batting. Once he middles the ball it stays out of the park no matter how long the boundary is. He did the same here. It was a small ground and Imran took the advantage.After Imran, Ahmad Shahzad and Shoaib Malik did the same. They also hit a lot of boundaries. But it was Imran Nazir who gave Pakistan an ideal start in this important game. he was as flamboyant as one could imagine him.

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