Imran Nazir and Ahmad Shahzad smashing 80 runs in 3 overs

Imran Nazir is one of the favorite most openers for Pakistan cricket. He never had the highest averages and all that. But it was his strike rate which people loved. Imran never played a run a ball innings. His scores were always on the higher side than the balls faced.

Imran was known as the king of sixes. He used to hit a lot of them. He was just not that lucky else he would have still been playing for Pakistan. Especially in the T20 format. He was the ideal opener for this format. He used to play a lot of attacking cricket.Here we see Imran Nazir and Ahmad Shah taking care of the bowlers. Imran once again was the main man. He hit a series of sixes in his innings. He made sure that no bowler gets away from being hit for at least 2 to 3 sixes in an over.

Imran hit most of his sixes straight and almost all of them went outside this little ground in Hong Kong. He did not let any bowler take rest. Once Imran finished getting retired as per the rules of the tournament, Ahmad and Malik went in and started swinging their bats. It was carnage times from the Pakistani batsmen.

Video Link:http://newsrepublica.com/imran-ahmad

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