Imran Nazir briskly innings of 75

Imran Nazir was the most disastrous batsman for the bowlers in the first edition of the Bangladesh Premier league. Imran Nazir was part of the Dhaka Gladiators and he was one of those players who performed throughout the tournament.

Imran in the finals played a blinder and hit 75 runs to give Dhaka a thumping start. Imran was on the charge straight away. he hit the first shot down the leg side which gave him four runs and after that he rained a series of boundaries.

Imran only knows one way to play cricket and that goes hard against the bowlers. Yasir the Barisal Burners opening bowler tried his best to get under the skin of Imran but it was not his day.

Imran in the same over hit him straight over his head for a six and then this was followed by one over the covers. These hits clearly showed that Imran was not in a mood to stop or play anything defensive. He was hungry for runs and he only got out after making 75 and giving Dhaka a solid start in the finals. Dhaka later won the tournament as well thanks to the efforts of Imran Nazir and many others.

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