Imran Nazir smashing series of 5 sixes

It was the semi final of the maiden world t20 and Pakistan was chasing a stiff total put up by the New Zealand team. Imran went in as the opener and he slashed a brisk fifty to open up the chances of Pakistan to win the game.

Imran was on fire that day. He smashed 5 sixes and it was his innings that eventually gave Pakistan the game at the end.

The first two sixes were monstrous shots by Imran. he charged down the track against Vettori on both occasion and picked him up straight over long on and long off.

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The first went over long on as the ball was bowled in line to the stumps while the second one was outside the off stump hence the six went over the long off boundary.

Imran then hit two against Styris. The first shot was not a confident one as the ball did not come from the middle of the bat but still went across the fence on the full. The second one was hit from the middle and then in the next over Imran heaved one over the wicket keeper’s head for his 5th six. this one was a top edge and yet went all the way for a six.

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