India Pakistan must resolve tensions through dialogs – Mark Toner

US States Department Deputy Spokesperson, Mark Toner, while briefing the newsmen in California on Tuesday said that Pakistan and Indian really take a position to profit from the normalization of interaction between them and realistic collaboration between them. He said that we motivate both Indian and Pakistan to interact with in and interact with in immediate conversation that is targeted at decreasing stress.


Answering an issue, Indicate Skin toner said that Pakistan is battling a serious and continual strategy against aggressive extremism. We do believe that they’re making improvement and taking action to reverse enemy assault, but at the same time we’ve been very clear that they need to concentrate on all militant categories, such as those that concentrate on Pakistan’s others who live nearby, and close all safe havens.

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Pakistan and USA possess strong relations – Mark Toner

“Our concentrate with Pakistan is to increase their capacity to deal with an enemy risk on their ground,” Mark Toner said and included that “we want to see Pakistan better able to reply to the terrorism risk.”

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