India vs. England, 3rd T20 2017 Pre-Match Analysis

The T20 series hangs between hosts India and England at this very moment. The third and final game of the series will decide the winner of the series. Now, this has put the excitement levels of the Indian fans to the highest point. After all, the home side has played well in the second game.

India lost the first game to England at Kanpur. The Indian side looked very weak to England which was a surprising element for many because it was England who was in deep waters against the hosts in the ODI and test series.

In this pre-match analysis let’s just talk about a few things which are bothering the Indian fans. The first thing is Virat Kohli going in as an opener. This move was made in the first two games. It might be made again in the third and final game as well.

The problem with Kohli moving in as the opener is that the Indian middle order looks nothing but a hollow entity. There is no base of it, and there is every chance of it flattening out. This, as a matter of fact, has happened in the first two games. This is the prime reason India has not even crossed 150 runs mark in the two games.

Kohli also is not scoring many runs while batting as an opener. He is still to a thirty in this T20 series. Now from a batsman of the level of Kohli, this is pretty hard to digest. He is the runs scoring machine from team India, and it has always been him for many years now around whom the whole Indian batting revolves.

Kohli did not get scores in the first two games, and we saw the middle order puncturing after him. It was Raina who made 34 with the bat and gave some stability in the opener, and yesterday it was Manish Pandey whose 30 runs helped India in the middle part of their batting innings.

The finish to the game from Indian batting was not conclusive as well. England bowling is really good, and they might not change it for the final game. India might have to induce an opener to get Kohli back into his number three slot. Now the problem comes whom to drop. At the moment one cannot pick one player whom India can afford to drop. Rahul and Manish played well in the last game with the bat.

India might now have to go in with the same team. Any change in the side might hit back. The second thing would be Mishra’s no balls dilemma. He has bowled them in the past and on some times India paid for them. Last night he got Stokes wicket first ball, and it was referred as a no ball. Now it is up to Kohli to walk to his bowler and talk about this problem. At the moment India is the favorite for the third T20, but England has its chances.

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