Indian media after Pakistan won test match

The win Pakistan team grasped against England in the first test at Lords was certainly undigestable to the Indian media. They made the news appear as if some war has broken out. Indian media will never learn from its mistakes.

Video Link:http://newsrepublica.com/indian-media-pakistan-win/

They keep up doing the same boring things again and again. When the first test completed they started spreading the news that Pakistan is now after India. They will take their second position and all that stuff.

Now the series has ended between Pakistan and England. Pakistan is now at number two position while India is at number one. now if the fourth test between India and West Indies ends up as a draw or India loses it, then Pakistan will get to number one position.

There is forecast of rains at the port of Spain from tomorrow till the next 5 to 6 days. Hope Indian media will take this news in a bit normal way. Pakistan played well against England. They deserve to be ranked as the best team in the world. They are the only team who has not been playing home series in Pakistan for the last 7 years. They play all their home series in UAE. Yet Misbah and his men have done some really good job. They are a good side.

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