Inzamam speaks on Afridi and Razzaq selection in team

Inzamam Ul Haq has made it very clear again that he is willing to take any player in the team who is fit and has performances on his back. He said that the doors of PCB and cricket team are open to every player who is playing in and for Pakistan.

Inzamam cleared out all the confusions about the selection process. He said that he and his members chose only those players who are performing and are physically fit as well. He said that coach Mickey Arthur wants the same.

Inzamam said that this is not right to say that Afridi and Razzaq careers are over and to somewhat destroyed by the PCB. He said that their own performances will matter and are the evidence to what they are dealing at the moment.

Inzamam said that Afridi is not playing domestic cricket. He is in England playing the county cricket. Razzaq left cricket a long time ago so these are clear indications that their time is up now. He did not comment on the one last game for Afridi issue. That is one confusion which Inzamam is not part of. There are many other factors involved in it. There are people in the PCB who don’t want to give Afridi this one last game. They have their reasons but their actions are not right.

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