How to make ANY lipstick MATTE

The first thing you have to do before you ever wear a Matte lipstick is to – Hydrate your lips.

By using a lip conditioner, MAC or another kind of lip balm. Let it set on your lips for almost 5 minutes before you apply a lip product just as your lips are hydrated and they do not cracked or chapped because with any kind of lip product, it just look better and smooth but when it’s specially matte it will going to catch the light and going to be really obvious if you have any dry or cracked areas.

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One thing about using this technique is that it means we don’t have a matte lipstick to touch up with. So, use a lip liner to make everything last longer.

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This one is just a color that is pretty similar to lipstick been used, you could always go a little bit darker if you want to keep it ambry. This technique works on all lipsticks! This is a really pretty color and it’s really dark and whammy.


If it feels really heavy if you have applied too much of the lipstick, take a tissue and take some of it off until the color looks even. This is totally optional you don’t have to use this or to put too much lipstick to begin with.



The next thing you are going to need to make your lipstick matte is a translucent powder. Basically you could use actually something that has color in it.


All you have to do is to take your fingers and scroll it into the powder and then pat them across your lips gently.

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You don’t have to move your lip color around, but you have to press this powder in so that it can start to absorb whatever is making the lipstick glossy. Keep going until you feel like your lips are matte.Once you have all that powder on press them together couple of times to everything absorbs back in little lip product. You can of course go back touch up more powder if you feel it still looks glossy. It’s really easy.


I hope you guys found this helpful as we have so many lipsticks at home but don’t use them as they are not matte.

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