Massive hitting by Fawad Khan, National T20 2016

Fawad Khan is the latest entertainment package the National T20 championship has to offer the fans. His innings of 94 today gave Rawalpindi some really deep thoughts nd tough time. he was certain to get to the first hundred of this years’ edition but he could not.

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Awad was absolutely excellent today. He played some really lovely shots and there was hardly a chance given by him. he gave one but it was way too difficult for the boundary fielder. There was 10% chance that the fielder could have taken that catch.

He started drilling the Rawalpindi bowlers right from the start. He smacked three fours to Aizaz Cheema and all of them were some lovely shots. this was then followed by a huge hit on the leg side. Cheema figures destroyed by Fawad.

The six was on a short ball. This would have been bowled earlier. When Cheema bowled this one Fawad was already a lot confident in facing him. later he rampaged the spinners. He slammed a multiple numbers of sixes against the Rawalpindi spinners.

The ball was coming onto his bat nicely. Fawad not letting the spinners to turn te ball much. This is where he was so good. He was just picking them up straight over their heads. The shots he played on the leg side were hit from the middle.

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