Massive hitting, six sixes in a T20 match by a batsman

Alex Hales is known for his hard hitting abilities in the English cricket. He is the only centurion for England in the T20 format and that can tell you how dominating he can be. Here we see him smashing six sixes on six balls in a NatWest T20 blast game.

Hales was ready and loaded when he came to the crease as an opener. He smashed his first six over long on to start the proceedings. This was a length ball and Hales easily put it over the head of the long on fielder in the deep. The crowd failed to catch the ball.

Next up was a short ball, again a poor choice of bowling. Hales just sod tall and pulled this one from the middle of his bat and again he saw the ball being hit into the skies. The second six was even longer than the first one hit.

Next up the bowler tried to hit a yorker but failed and gave Hales a length ball once again. The result was not hard to guess. Hales was in a sublime touch and he picked this one straight again. Hales hit three more sixes on the next three balls. It was some massive hitting from the English player. He nailed the bowler down.

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