Pakistan Fast growing Mobile market

Pakistan’s Fast Growing Telecom Sector

Pakistan Fast growing Mobile market

Pakistan’s telecom sector is one of the fastest growing industries and has the highest mobile penetration rate in the south Asia region. Fifteen years ago, mobile handsets were so expensive that only upper class of our society was able to use it. However, advanced technology and competition in all segments of the telecom sector brought in lower tariffs and cheaper handsets. This has made possible for Pakistani people to greet mobile bandwagon with enthusiasm.  Now each and every person use mobile and not just any mobile, the latest technology phones are being used in Pakistan. Many labors, security guards, servants and maids are now also seen using mobile handsets, and it simply reflects the fact that mobile phones are becoming an essential part of our lives.

Pakistan has now close to 150 million mobile subscribers. This huge increase in the usage is also because of introduction of 3G/4G networks. However, only 20 percent subscribers have shifted to 3G/4G network. It means that there is still a huge potential available.

Now days the latest trends in Pakistan are the ‘smartphones’. People not only use them for making calls and texting but can do whatever they desire. Increased mobile usage has jeopardized a number of industries like digital camera, radio, mp3 player, notepad and even a laptop. Studies have shown that

About 90 % of people use smart phones for social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram.

  • 72 % people use smart phones for games.
  • About 55 % people use smart phones for music and entertainment.
  • 52 % people use edge, Wi-Fi, 3G and GPRS.
  • 30 % people use smart phones for office work and projects.

In order to keep the mobile industry going on the right track, it is high time for government as well as private sectors to take necessary steps. The tax rate on mobile recharge should be lowered. The costs of mobile phones should be reduced, thus making the technology affordable for the lower class, especially people belonging to the rural areas. Through that, positive growth will be witnessed in the sales of all mobile devices and telecom services. If such steps are not taken than the potential of our mobile phone industry will not be completely utilized.





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