Mustafa Kamal was a phone operator at 9-0 office; Nadeem Nusrat


MQM’s convener Nadeem Nusrat rejects all allegations on party leader Altaf Hussain and proposed to establishment not to participate in any discussion further done by former mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal.

The MQM management came out with a relaxed response to Mustafa Kamal’s intense information meeting on Friday, declaring that the party had been keeping the same allegations for many years.

“This shift by the organization wills also jeopardize,” said Nusrat while dealing with a media meeting from London, UK at the MQM head workplace Nine-Zero, where all the congress and MQM workers are crowded together for discussions.

“These allegations are not new. Since 1992, we have been experiencing them. In every selection, we have been getting mandate and ballots despite all these allegations. Our agenda alone is the defense of Altaf,” he said while inquiring individuals not to disobey or violate law by responding to Kamal’s conversation he had thrown in his press conference.

Altaf Bhai has made a big mistake by making a phone operator a senator and granted him the best that he never deserves, is Mustafa Kamal became nazim himself? No not at all he was just a phone operator at Nine Zero, said Nadeem Nusrat.

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