ch Nisar notice  on CDA deadline

Nisar Takes Notice Of CDA Deadline To Private School

ch Nisar notice on CDA deadline

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued a 15-day deadline to 352 illegal schools and colleges to shut these institutions being run in the residential houses of Islamabad.

The CDA officials said the authority did not approve the formation of the said educational institutions. The CDA has the powers to seal off the institutions with immediate effect. However a deadline of 15 days has been given to these schools and colleges to wind up their unlawful operations in the residential houses.

CDA officials said that these practices are in place for the last 20 to 25 years, and private schools association had obtained a stay order from the Islamabad High Court in 2014 in this regard. However, the subcommittee decided to forward the issue of running schools in private houses to the main standing committee on cabinet secretariat and has issued a notice to all the schools operating in residential area to vacate schools within 15 days.

Interior minister Chaudhary Nisar has taken notice of deadline which CDA has given to Schools in Islamabad.

As per details, interior Minister has taken notice of CDA’s fifteen days deadline for private schools. He said how it is possible for 352 schools to shift from one place to another within fifteen days without any alternate plan. He said that without any reason, CDA should not give mental torture to thousands of students and parents.


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