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No more ban on Xiaomi smartphones in Pakistan

Xiaomi who was recently banned by PTA finally responded. No More Ban As Xiaomi Soon to Sell its Smartphones in Pakistan. Xiaomi officials announced this in a Public Notice of a major newspaper of Pakistan. PTA put ban on sale of Xiaomi smartphones. Because they were no following the country’s rule and laws.

According to Xiaomi’s Public Notice:

We would like to clarify that Xiaomi has not officially launched the sale of its smartphones in Pakistan. The ban proposed to be enforced by PTA is specifically targeting the unauthorized resellers who had been unofficially selling Xiaomi smartphones products in Pakistan, without complying with the necessary legal formalities.

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According to PTA Xiaomi was not obeying the country’s law and rules. As per the public notice, Chinese smartphone maker is working to comply the legal formalities.

Public Notice also Stated that:

Xiaomi has a very good working relationship with PTA and we believe that with PTA’s support, we will be to sell Xiaomi Smartphones soon in Pakistan through partners.

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PTA banned Xiaomi smartphone sale in Pakistan

According to Xiaomi, XiaomiPk.com had no affiliation with the company and in fact they were in the process of requesting the hosting company to take down the unauthorized and illegal website. So it is clear from the announcement that Xiaomi will soon be able to sell Xiaomi smartphones in Pakistan through partners.

PTA has confirmed that any company with official approval can sale smartphones in Pakistan and same is the case with Xiaomi.

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