pakistani batsmen failed to play reverse swing

Pak batsmen were failed to play reverse swing by English bowlers – Misbah-ul-Haq

Misbah-ul-Haq has confessed his batsmen did not have “any clue” how to deal with the reverse swing produced by the English bowlers on the ultimate day at Edgbaston.

Pakistan missing four wickets for one run in mid-afternoon as England’s pacers modified circumstances that Misbah described as “easy” before lunchtime to those which they “could not handle”.

It cause Misbah to point out, with mouth in face, that Pakistan might have to think about delivering their younger bowlers to Britain to figure out how to understand the art of opposite moving the ball; an paradox considering it was Pakistan bowlers who mastered the art and Britain, for a very extensive period, were tormented by it.

misbah ul haq at Edgbaston

“Until lunchtime it was simple,” Misbah said. “But after lunchtime they got it treating and we were not having any hint. We were trying to deal with it, but we could not manage it.

“Anderson and Wide are used to these circumstances. They are really knowledgeable. Complete credit score to Britain for the way they battled returning after we had an online insurance cause of more than 100.

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“I think we’ll just have to deliver someone to gain knowledge from Britain now how they’re treating this football. We could not do it even on the 4th day. I think they are really doing it well.”

“We bowled remarkably,” he said. “It reverse-swung a little bit. I don’t think it did it extremely. It just did enough and if it does a bit either way, Jimmy and Stuart are excellent.”

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