Pakistan accomplished deal for Italian choppers

Pakistan accomplished deal for Italian choppers

Pakistan accomplished deal for Italian choppers

Pakistan has finalized a deal variety of look for and save choppers with Italy-based aerospace massive, Leonardo-Finmeccanica.

The obtain the AgustaWestland AW139 choppers was finalized in Islamabad in the existence of Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Stefano Pontecorvo, an argument launched by the aerospace organization said. It included that the agreement is portion of a navy restoration program distribute over several groups and contains a logistic assistance and coaching offers.

Deliveries of the AW139 choppers, which will be used for look for and save responsibilities, are anticipated to start in 2017.

Pakistan already functions 11 AW139 choppers, five of which are used by the federal govt for municipal security and transportation projects.

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The AW139 is a 15-seat medium-sized twin-engined chopper used by some 38 nations in a wide range of positions such as  law administration, look for and save, urgent healthcare solutions, catastrophe comfort, historic patrol and fire-fighting. The airplane has a support roof of around 20,000 legs which allows it to be used for high-altitude saves.

Last June, the Pakistan Army had to rescue a Japanese mountaineer who was injured in an avalanche while trying to summit the Broad Peak. Later that year, in July, the army had to airlift an American mountaineer from the K-2 base camp after he suffered altitude-sickness.


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