Pakistan batter stunning record in T20

At local club level cricket in Pakistan there is so much talent. Most of the time this talent goes wasted because of the policies which PCB has made. This is their duty to go around and search for this kind of talent.

Ahmad Mir is one of those talented players who never got a chance. He is a record maker in Pakistan and most of the people don’t know about it. Ahmad has the record of hitting the highest number of individual runs in aT20 game in Pakistan.

He hit a stunning number of 277 runs in one T20 games. The reason that he was able to get these many runs in a single T20 game was the number of boundaries. He hit 20 plus sixes with the bat and also the number of fours were very high as well.

These huge number of boundaries enabled him to get to this huge score. Mir is a wonderful player and after the game he said that it is his wish to play for any department team in Pakistan domestic cricket. Mir said that he has the talent.

People can see my batting talent here. He said after the game. He wants to play for the local sides and it is now the job of the PCB to accommodate him. The departmental teams should also come forward and take him. He is an exciting young player who has a lot of potential.

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