Pakistan cricketers mark their level in all three types of cricket – Mickey

Newly-appointed head coach of Pakistan national cricket team, Mickey Arthur has promised to raise Pakistan cricket team to the top of the positions in all the three types of the cricket matches.

Speaking at his first media meeting here at the Gaddafi Ground on Friday, Arthur said: “My temporary technique is to build a cricket life and the future technique is for making the group number one in all the three types of the cricket activities including ODI, Test and T20.

Our test cricket seems to be excellent soon.

If we can play well outside the subcontinent which indicates that the crew’s really in the future.

mickey aurther

Arthur said the chance of connecting with an Asian was a ‘massive attraction’.

“I really like the interest Pakistani people have for cricket and this interest can be seen everywhere in the subcontinent and throughout the world.

The coach said training Pakistan was remedy for trainers.

“With training the groups like South Africa and Australia was very different, although it will be hard to train Pakistan cricket team, yet I am prepared for this task.

The head coach said he desired Pakistan players to understand, develop and should not worry failing.

“I don’t care if the group makes errors – experts get some things wrong.

I don’t want us to have fear of defeat.

I think the team that worries failing are a group that never take challenges, so to move high we need accept all hurdles as challenges.

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“The technique is for making them believe in their own capabilities, get them to believe where we are going to take this group and that perception comes over time, it just does not start.

I like to see the gamers dig within and discover the extra 10 % that’s going to build a factor to this group in the future and that’s what I will try to stay and try to get out of every gamer and this is my main concentrate at when,” he included.

To a question regarding Pakistan team’s ODI positions, Arthur said: “We need to increase our positions and become more reliable.

I have had excellent conversation with main selector Inzmam ul Haq and others, and I believe that we need to discover gamers who provide us in the long-term.

We need for making reliable choice options in order to allow our gamers to increase.

Source: The Nation

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