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Pakistan handover Altaf probe to English authorities

The federal government has contacted the England authorities, such as Scotland Yard, with all proof the seditious and incendiary presentations of MQM Leader Altaf Hussain, so that court action could be taken against him, said Internal Reverend Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who dashed to the area on Wed, to evaluate the security situation there.

“We will use lawful and constitutional options against the MQM primary and those who were engaged in this act,” Nisar informed in a press conference two days after Altaf yelled anti-Pakistan phrases and incited his followers to strike private press homes in the town. “The London, uk cops informed us that they are aware of it,” Nisar said, such as that the us government has all proof Altaf’s participation in cash washing and getting international resources.

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British regulators have been analyzing the MQM primary your hard earned cash can buy washing when Scotland Garden retrieved a huge load of cash from his property and office in Dec 2012. He was caught in July 2013 and launched after asking and was skipped six times since. No official expenses have been against Altaf so far even though cops in early 2016 found over 70 banking records in the nation connected to the party, with 26 of those under Altaf’s name.

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“We are also evaluating whether Monday’s vitriolic was Altaf’s personal decision or he had obtained directives from somewhere else,” the medial side minister said, such as that some components did not want to see serenity in Karachi but us government would aluminum foil their plots. The MQM has long been charged by Pakistani authorities of getting resources from Indian to foment problems in Karachi.

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