Pakistan not producing excellent cricketers – Shahid Afridi

Pakistan not producing excellent cricketers – Shahid Afridi

Pakistan not producing excellent cricketers – Shahid Afridi

Former Twenty20 skipper Shahid Afridi thinks that Pakistan is not generating excellent cricketers as previously several years the concentrate has been mainly on quantity and not top quality.

“Instead of going after quantity, we should concentrate on top quality to meet demanded international requirements,” he said while talking to media, Afridi declared.

Afridi, who reconciled from captaincy after the team’s inadequate performance in this year’s World T20, said now we can see a lot of high quality cricketers whereas in our periods enjoying in first-class cricket was more challenging than to try out for Pakistan. “Granting of hats to such a great variety of cricketers has run reverse to the initiatives to generate top quality gamers,” he said.

Afridi said “now our team is not the one it used to be during previous era like Imran Khan. “Back then there were several legendary cricketers but now we just see two to three players,” he said.

He said first there used to be university, region, higher education and university cricket but now it is not seen. “We should look for those locations in the nation where we used to get skilled cricketers previously,” he stated. He said the present cricket is going too quick and now we should get out of the 90s cricket.

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Responding to a problem, the all-rounder said he is grateful to God that he has got so much regard and popularity. “Giving or not providing regard is all in God’s side and I am very grateful to him,” he said.

Afridi, 36, said it was a desire for him to try out for Pakistan and then Pakistan successful this year’s World T20 was also a very big accomplishment for him.

Afridi, who for a long time held the record for the fastest ODI century in 37 deliveries, said he has no plans to go into politics or coaching. “My aim is to set up as many academies for the youngsters as possible,” he said.

Afridi said he and the players got huge amount of support in India in the World T20. Speaking about his “more loved in India than Pakistan” statement, Afridi said his statement was for the educated people but some ex players made it an issue.


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