pakistan is on top postion in ICC test rankings

Pakistan to be Number One in ICC Test Rankings tonight

In a most impressive way, group Pakistan will be raised to gin top position in ICC Test Rankings this evening after tonight’s test match between India and Western Indies which is going to be a draw most probably.

As a result of draw, Indian cricket team who is currently top rated test side with 112 points, only one point forward of its arch-rivals Pakistan, with 111 points, will forfeit two points and will also lose World Wide top test cricket team’s title in favor of Pakistan.

India was raised to the No. 1 identify, after former includes Australia’s burn down in Sri Lanka.

Australia with 118 points, missed three-match test series 0-3 and so the 6 important points. With the missing points, Australians decreased down to 3rd place. This enhanced India’s position to the first and Pakistan were consequently published on the 2nd position.

pakistan on top ranking of test cricket teams

But, as per ICC Positions guidelines, India was required to end four-match Test sequence 4-0 to keep the throne. But, with the second Test coordinate being attracted, India was left only with an option to win all two staying Test suits to gain a few points.

They won the third Test coordinate quite perfectly and were very positive about the final Test at Slot of Italy.

But, it happens that Good Skies has some other plans as there at Slot of Italy, first four times of the coordinate have been cleaned out with only 22 overs bowled in the first period of day 1.

Pakistan test cricket team

What makes India lovers and the group more disappointed is the news that there is probability of more bathrooms over the next couple of times. There’s more disappointment in store.

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With this, Pakistan’s desires to be levitated to the Top position in ICC Test Positions have brightened as the sun.

Fans celebrating Pakistan’s coming top position in ICC top test cricket teams:

Where cricket lovers in Pakistan are fingertips surpassed, seriously awaiting the results of this rain-hit Test coordinate, Indian cricket lovers are active cursing and accusing regulators at Slot of Italy for lack of includes and features. But this can’t stop Pakistan being Variety One in ICC Test Positions this evening.


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