Pakistan will not play in India if security is not guaranteed: Shehryar Khan

Pakistan will not play in India if security is not guaranteed: Shehryar Khan

Indian government should give guarantee over security concerns; otherwise Pakistan will not play this match, chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Shehryar Khan said on Thursday.

PCB chairman had clearly stated that Indian government should give full guarantee otherwise there is a clear ‘No’ for upcoming Pakistan verses India match.

According to the details, the venue for Pakistan verses India match that is going to be held on 19th March 2016 for ICC T20 world cup has been changed due to security concerns. The decision has been made on the formal strict instructions of International Cricket Council while extremists in India have again threatened that they cannot let Pakistan national team play in any ground of India.

The resources from Indian media said revealed that the Indian extremists expressed intense reaction against arrival of Pakistan team in India, and has threatened that they will destroy all pitches wherever Pakistan intend to play.

The extremists’ party of India Anti- terrorist Front of India said if India hosted Pakistan than it will be an insult of Indian government and Indian Army and they will not let that happen.

On the other side PCB chairman Shehryar Khan has thanked ICC authorities for taking action upon his request for changing Indo-Pak match venue and stated that India should completely justify  and guarantee the security measurements and assure us about foolproof security else Pakistan National Cricket Team won’t play the coming match.

Pakistan Cricket Board has suggested two conditions, first is change of match location and second is full guarantee of security by Indian government. One condition is fulfilled up till now and one is still missing.

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