Pakistani batsman outstanding knock in domestic cricket

The Rawalpindi-born left-handed batsman Awais Zia is a well-known name in Pakistan domestic cricket. Awais plays as an opener for many local teams. He has played for the Pakistan side as well in the T20 format.

He is talented but he has one major defect in his batting technique. Awais has no proper shot to offer on a ball outside the off stump. Every time he has been given a ball outside the off stump, he fails on it. He has nothing against such balls.

This is the reason that he failed in the T20 series against England. The English bowlers soon found out his weakness and then they exploited it. They used to bowl him outside the off stump and Awais tried to hit the ball on the leg side.

The cross batted shots did not work out. Here we see him batting in a domestic T20 cup in Karachi. Now here the bowlers were of low standards as compared to international cricket. They were bowling him on the leg side and Awais was easily picking them out of the park. He hit a lot of sixes in that match. All the ball which ended up as sixes were on the leg side. Awais is really strong on the leg side and he did not leave even one unplayed.

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